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Un niño de tres años observaba sus testículos mientras su mamá le bañaba.
"Mami" preguntó "¿Es este mi cerebro?"
"Todavía no", contestó la madre.

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en k se parecen las mujeres a las abejas?

-en k vamos de capullo en capullo

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Que hacemos los hombres para que a una mujer le brillen sus ojos ..... les encendemos una lampara en la oreja...

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¿En qué se parecen superman batman y un hombre
inteligente?, en que los tres son ficticios

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>>> Porqué no podemos decir: Hombres Estupidos?????!!!!!!!
>>> pues porque es u Pleonasmo!!!

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?Essay composing in A-Level Biology
Essay creating in A-level Biology
Guidance on how to construct the A2 Biology essay .
Whenever they hear the word essay, most people panic about how to jot down 1: they are not sure how significantly to put in writing or how substantially scientific knowledge and guidance they need to get to include or recall. In a multitude of for the A-Level Biology courses it takes the type from the Synoptic essay. You will will need to demonstrate your ability to bring together principles and concepts from different areas of Biology, and express these ideas in the clear and rational manner. You must also be able to construct a reasonable duration of fine good written get the job done for a given topic, usually amongst 1000- 2000 words (3-4 A4 duration web pages). So how do you begin to construct one particular?
Below are two or three tips I have written to guide you through the procedure.
When creating a Biology essay, marks are awarded with the scientific content, the coverage in the topic and for its coherence. A synoptic type essay is usually marked out of twenty five marks and you have about 35-45 minutes to put in writing a single.
General principles for marking the Essay. Total marks twenty five marks
The four Talent AREAS which you will be marked for are: scientific content . breadth of knowledge . relevance and superior quality of language .
The break down from the marks for just about every with the skills are demonstrated below with some guidance notes.
Excellent/Good (12-16 marks)
For you to definitely gain the superior marks, the essay should cover all the main areas relevant to the topic and must include discussion of every area with suitable examples. All the material must be relevant to the topic plus the essay should only contain very number of factual errors.
A clearly balanced account, making reference to most areas which may be realistically covered in an A-level course of study.
Many different aspects covered but a lack of balance or it is really an unbalanced account. Some topics essential to an understanding at this stage missed out and not covered. Material entirely irrelevant.
All material presented is clearly relevant to the title.
Material generally selected in assist of title but many of the main content belonging to the essay is only marginally important or largely irrelevant material.
Good quality of Written Communication ( maximum 3 marks )
All material is logically presented in clear English. Advantageous use of technical terminology chosen effectively and accurately .Essay is of quality size 2-4 internet pages in duration
Essay very short or beneath a person web page in duration. Poorly constructed essay and which often fails to utilize an proper scientific style and terminology to express ideas.
It is essential that you simply must PLAN your essay carefully. This will take about 5 minutes. Bullet point or jot down key words, diagrams or a construct a mind map On your plan. Include a brief introduction in addition to a summary to summarize the main points.
Inside introduction, you should explain the meaning of any ‘key-terms’ mentioned on the title and also the outline belonging to the main points to be covered on the essay.
The essay MUST be written as a piece of continuous prose: Whilst composing the essay DO NOT use subheadings, bullet points, ie (1) (two) or (a),(b) etc.
Aim to spend 25-30 minutes creating the essay and 5 minutes on the close to browse through carefully through the essay to make any amendments.
Why not make use of the four keys skills demonstrated higher than to construct and structure your essay and have a go at practising crafting 1 of these essays?
Synoptic. Past essay questions
The system of diffusion & its importance in living organisms.
The biological importance of water
ATP and its role in living organisms.
Carbon dioxide in organisms and ecosystems.
How bacteria affect human lives.

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